History of Witness Writers

Tools of writing critiqueI became associated with North Texas Christian Writers in 2008 when my daughter, Teri Jones, mentioned that her church near Fort Worth was sponsoring a writer’s conference. Because I had been writing a parenting column for the local newspaper, I decided to go.

That was a turning point in my writing career. I was amazed at the quality of presenters at the conference and the wide range of offerings. I came away excited and eager to do more with my own writing. I have since launched my website, Parenting from the Source, devoted to Christian parenting in a secular world.

Frank Ball, who started NTCW, is such an encourager. I also discovered that NTCW sponsored what they then called “Encouragement Groups” or critique groups. My daughter joined one of the groups in her neighborhood and began telling me how much she was learning. I decided that we needed a critique group in Plainview. After checking around to see if there were other groups in the area, I decided to start one that would be affliated with NTCW. We launched in March, 2011 with Frank as a speaker for our first meeting.

Since then, some of us published, some attended the conferences and seminars in Ft. Worth, and all of us improved our craft.

Now, we are going to the next step. We hope our website will encourage you to write if that’s what God is calling you to do and, hopefully, to become a part of our group. Beginners are always welcome. After all, every great writer was once a beginner.

Please enjoy our website and consider becoming a part of Witness Writers.


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