A Writer’s Christmas

Christian writers recognize the birth of Jesus

Merry Christmas,Writer Friends

Hopefully writers across the world set aside their keyboards this morning for a day of celebration. I plan on a houseful as we gather for turkey and all the trimmings. Oh, and my sister-in-law is bringing a ham. There’ll be plenty of food.

There’s a new baby this year, who was born on Good Friday. I haven’t seen him since summer, so I am looking forward to that. He should be scooting around everywhere. What fun.

Writers can use holidays to observe life. There will be stories everywhere you look. When we gather to critique in January, bring some of your observations turned into fiction, nonfiction, or maybe a poem. Who knows what you will be inspired to do in the new year—there’s great writing ahead.

As a non-fiction writer, the idea of writing fiction scares me. I recently decided to try writing fiction and found the experience exhilarating. You can read A Christmas Prayer on my website. I hope you enjoy it.

Hug each family member a little tighter and a little longer this year. And thank God for sending his Son.


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