Become a Member

Interested in becoming a member of Witness Writers? There are two ways to be a part of our critique group:

  • Just show up. We meet in the library at First United Methodist Church, 1001 West 7th Street, Plainview, TX the second Tuesday of each month from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Enter the church through the door under the portico on the south side. If no one is there to open the door for you, knock on the door to the hallway.You can come to see what we are about or come prepared to participate. See guidelines below.
  • You can call ahead. That means we will be looking forward to your arrival. Contact Carole Bell at caroleabell@gmail /806-292-0134 or Linda Hutcherson at

What happens at our meetings:

  • We have a mini-lesson before we begin to critique.
  • We read and critique each others’ work to become better writers. Our abilities range from beginners to some who have a few pieces published. Our writing includes fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, and poetry.

Guidelines for participation:

  •  Each participant brings something he or she has written, up to five pages, double-spaced.
  • It is helpful to have to lines numbered.
  • Bring five copies of your work so each critique partner has a copy.
  • We work in small groups of 3-5 persons with each writer having time for critique of his or her piece.

Our affiliation: North Texas Christian Writers, an organization that provides excellent workshops and writing conferences in Fort Worth, Texas.

Cost: Nothing except your time. Well, actually, there could be some blood, sweat, and tears.


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